Mask and puppet technique – framflyttad

med Mariana Araoz

During the course you will improvise a story with the characters you created; all the participants will be involved in a Theatre creation.

Mariana Araoz is an Argentinian-French director and pedagogue, living in Paris, and dedicated for 30 years to the art of Mask and Puppet. The technique she uses is her own, The TMR-Balance method© It’s ” inspired from pedagogues such as Mario Gonzalez, Ariane Mnouchkine, Jacques Lecoq, Barbara Wilczek Ekholm and Harald Leander as well as from traditional puppet and mask-theater as the Bunraku, Kabuki, Theatre Noh and Buto.

This course is a cooperation between TeaterAlliansen and Teatercentrum Södra.

Day 1- you will first work on the architecture of the space the space as if it was a puppet that you have to give life: breathing, movements and voice exercises will be your tools.

Day 2-  Now adding the Balance or neutral Mask (black mask). The actors, all dressed in black become like the puppet players of their own character. The story telling and music is added to the exercises.

Day 3 - The Character Mask (Commedia dell'arte and Modern mask) are brought to life :  You will create somebody different from your own identity.  The body is sculpted and stylized as in dance. To bring them to life we have to connect to emotions and situations. The music, songs, texts and storytelling will be the basis.

Day 4-The character will continue to grow. The storytelling and movements will be improvised in a collective way. Inspired from the Greek Theater we will focus on the protagonist, the chorus and the servants of stage. The protagonist will have the action and the chorus will give support, light and life to the protagonist. The servants will give the voice, the story telling and sounds.