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Föreställningen ingår i Pop Up Puppets International Festival arrangerad av Marionetteatern.
In a seemingly deserted landscape small strange creatures wander around in search of a better life. The spectator realizes that they resemble us humans. They bustle, work, observe. Who are these "weird people"? What do they think about? A French show where puppets and video games meet.

The spectator positions themselves and moves around a large landscape placed on trestles. Small mysterious and fragile beings wander there in search of a better life, represented here by a multitude of puppets. These strange creatures resemble us. They bustle, work, observe ... What are their motivations? What do they think about? Around this miniature landscape, the spectator wanders and, intrigued, tries to answer these questions. As the spectator immerses himself in this unknown landscape, internet users monitor and influence the performances via an online video game created in parallel with the show. When puppets and video game meet.

Opus II is created by the French company The Little Theatre of the End of the World, and is conceived as an installation for puppets, writing, scenography, and contemporary art. A poetic and theatrical performance, a permanent "work in progress". They bring together an international community from France to Cuba, from Central Europe to Lebanon. Artists, writers, researchers, and engineers come together around an allegorical representation of the world.

Från: 15 år
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Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm


Söndagen den 25 augusti


Klockan 17.30-18.30

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