Workshop with Masks and Obsessional beings (Buffon)

med Mariana Araoz

Kurs TeaterAlliansen

"In this workshop we’ll approach different mask techniques and the body dramaturgy. Mask is a vector of our emotions and creativity. It allows actors to discover or rediscover new ways of expressions. It demands sincerity and truth through amplification. The Body masks will be created by Sylvie Berthou along with the participants." - Mariana Araoz

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Mariana Araoz, director and actress, is co-founder of Collectif Masque. Passionate about Mask Theater since 1990 she has developed an extensive international experience in directing, acting and producing in France, Sweden and the U.S. Since 2006 she is the driving force behind Trans Mission (TMR), a research project into gender, mask and theater. The project began in Sweden collaborating with Teater Halland, Teater Sagohuset, Skillinge Teater and Thales Teater. Mariana teaches mask at universities and colleges in Europe and The US.

Sylvie Berthou, costume designer, specialized in dimensioned costumes. She has designed for Mask, Buffon, Opera and Dance performances in France, Sweden and China and she has been the costume designer of Zingaro.




28-31 maj

Sista ansökningsdag var 2018-05-13.