Kurs Masks and Obsessional beings (Buffon) with Mariana Araoz

Mask workshop directed by Mariana Araoz, Body sculpture directed by costume designer Sylvie Berthou.

1) Neutral Mask and Chorus game
The Neutral Mask and the Chorus game is The Balance: the study of the architecture of our body and our space. We develop relationship towards others; essentially the chorus, the group and the constitution of a troupe. 

2) Character Mask and Body Mask
We will bring to life a Character. We will go from The Balance to the Unbalance, to create somebody different from our own identity. The mask will unveil what is hidden in us, revealing fantasies and new energies; mask unmasks. The body is sculpted and stylized as in dance. The « obsessional beings » inspired from non-reality: from an obsessional part of our body, extremities of our thoughts, our harms, our dreams and nightmares.  They are our ”monsters” we want to hide. An amplification of a part of our body: head, or arm, or knees, or stomach. How can we move, how can we talk, how to express emotions, how to communicate? To bring them to life we have to connect to emotions and situations.

3) Collective Movement
Once we have created a character we will improvise in a collective way. Inspired from the Greek Theater we will focus on the protagonist and the chorus. The protagonist will have the action and the chorus will give light and life to the protagonist.

The workshop will be directed by Mariana Araoz, an Argentinian-French director specialized in Mask Theater. She has been teaching mask technic since 2004 at The National Conservatory in Paris, at Saint Olaf College in Minneapolis, at Columbia University in New York, and at the Boris Schoukin’s Institut in Moscow. For over 5 years she has become the mask professor at the Malmö’s National Academy. Disciple of Mario Gonzalez; Ariane Mnouchkine, Jacques Lecoq and Jean Pierre Lescot have influenced her work method. At the Malmö Academy she has collaborated with professor Barbara Wilczek Ekholm. As a director she has staged in Sweden, France and the United States. In Sweden she has directed for Teater Halland, Sagohuset, Skillinge Teater, Insite, Thales Theater. In 2014, she was nominated for the Thalia Prize for her staging of Chekhov’s “The Seagull” at Skillinge Teater. Winner of the prize ”Avignon-Off” in 2017 for the play ”Dissection of a snowfall” in a french version.

Body sculptures will be created by Sylvie Berthou: specialized in dimensioned costumes, she has designed for Mask, Buffon, Opera and Dance performances in France, Sweden and China. She has been the costume designer of Zingaro.