Workshop in Method Acting

med Robert Castle (US)

The Method Acting Workshop in Stockholm welcomes all professional actors, from anonymos workhorses to award-winning filmstars, in a non-competitive yet demanding environment.

The workshop is in English.

The Castle Orozco Acting Technique enhances the actor’s individual artistic process by stimulating the creativity of each individual, which is why it works for actors, performers and artists from various disciplines. The actor discovers a physical and emotional availability that leads to working moment-to-moment based on spontaneous organic impulses and their free expression through the character. To do this the actor must be able to live as the character without self-consciousness. The quality of the acting then becomes so organic that it appears magically real, never cliché. The actor achieves what Castle calls “the unexpected truth.”

The technique offers actors the freedom to be emotionally available and artistically creative in both theatre and film. It consists of a training technique that includes a large number of specific exercises that meet the fundamental challenges of the actor:

  • how to build your character
  • how to be authentic in your playing, without forcing the emotions
  • how to get rid of physical and verbal tic
  • how to express an impulse in an organic way
  • how to understand more deeply the world of the play or film, and what really motivates your character

Throughout the course the exercises, the work on the body and the exploration of the plays and scenarios build a toolbox that the actor can rely on and use throughout his or her artistic career. A true evolution of Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg’s “Method,” the Castle Orozco Acting Technique focuses on the process of creating the character through imagination, sense memory, Imagined Experience and the intrinsic intelligence of the body.

Scene & Monologue Work

  • Each actor will work on a scene or a monologue, always from great writers
  • We provide the scripts and, in the case of a scene, pair the actor with a scene partner before the workshop start
  • The actors have the opportunity of working on stage as much as possible with their scenes or monologues during the course of the worksho

In addition, the Open Workshops often result in the participants building great networks and future projects together!

Robert Castle, Artistic Director It New York, began his career as an actor, studying with Lee Strasberg and Peggy Feury. He has guest starred in dozens of TV shows and films. On stage he has performed major roles in scores of professional plays in New York and Los Angeles. As a stage director, Mr. Castle has directed over 40 plays in New York, Los Angeles and internationally, including Modigliani, The Bride of Olneyville Square, Four Dogs and a Bone, Three Days of Rain (in Copenhagen), O Diário de Anne Frank (in Rio de Janeiro; Best Play & Best Director Brazil 2010) and he co-created the celebrated contemporary dance piece So Solo in Lisbon with Clara Andermatt and Alejandra Orozco (voted #2 Best Dance piece in Portugal of 2009 by Portuguese Dance critics). He recently directed Le Pouvoir in Paris. Mr. Castle has also written and directed prize winning films.

With It New York, Castle has conducted over 100 intensive acting workshops around the world. Mr. Castle has trained many prominent actors and has worked as an actor or director with such modern luminaries as Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Goldblum, George Segal, Jane Fonda, Angie Dickenson and many others. Prior to founding IT New York, Castle taught video production and screenwriting at the State University of New York (SUNY) and, for 14 years, acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York.





10-14 juni 2019

Sista ansökningsdag var 2019-05-19.