med Sheila Gray

Sheila Gray. Fotograf: Sarah Ball

During these times of an ever-shifting reality, the skill of improvisation is not only helpful it is indeed essential. To be supple as an artist is both liberating and empowering. 

Since most auditions and even rehearsals and some filming will be on-line, I thought it would be fun and helpful to explore how to improvise on Zoom. I am offering an improvisation workshop specifically to explore this technique to allow you to free your bodies and work on being ‘in the moment’ and reacting in real time to the other actor physically, emotionally and creatively. This class is character, not comedy, based. The improvisations will be both dramatic and comedic with the goal being to create truthful characters, circumstances and exchanges. 

We will begin the class with body and voice work to loosen and warm you up. Then I will set the improv for the class and pair people up. Each class will be a different situation based on different characters and/or around specific audition material.

Sheila Gray has run an independent acting studio based in Manhattan since 1990, where she teaches weekly group classes and intensive workshops. Sheila also coaches clients privately for theatre, film, television and a wide range of special projects. Though she works with many well-established performers, Sheila is also renowned for her ability to develop less experienced ones by giving them a strong and enduring foundation and technique. Läs mer HÄR!




23-24 mars (tis-ons)

Sista ansökningsdag var 2021-03-12.